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About Snake Game

Hi guys! I'm here to recommend for you a masterpiece in the world of snake games. Most players are familiar with this kind of game. Even if you aren't a game lover, you still know this genre. Maybe you don't know what it is called, but I'm sure you have ever played it. For some people, the games are even childhood games. Although this kind of game has existed for a long time, they are still loved by many players around the world. Until now, it still has become one of the favorite games in the world.

History of the snake game

In the past, Nokia mobiles were common in the world, and the fun game was available on these mobiles. Everybody usually called it the snake game Nokia because Nokia set this game as a default game. At that time, players only can enjoy this game on the mobile app. In the 1990s, this game was created with the Flash and was released on the Internet. From that, the number of players playing this game is increasing significantly. It became famous worldwide in 2000.

Snake game unblocked nowadays

Today, many new versions have been released. The basic idea of gameplay is the same with only slight changes to the graphics and controls. Therefore, games with snake mechanics have never been out of date. With simple gameplay, anyone can play this game. On Nokia phones, the snake game is designed with a black and white retro style. Of course, these colors will not be able to satisfy today's players. We have released a new version for gamers worldwide to improve this weakness. It is the Snake Game.

You will have the opportunity to experience the unique features as well as eye-catching graphics in this exciting game. However, this game still keeps the classic features of the snake game. You will enjoy a game that combines modern and classic features. You can't find these unique features in the other games. So, what are you waiting for? You should click and challenge any players in the world. Moreover, many students can even play the Snake Game unblocked at their school during break time. You just need a smart device that connects to the Internet to have fun.

Snake io

In fact, snakes will always fight for food. A snake will always fight against any enemy that encroaches on its territory. This game is also inspired by the battles of snakes. Instead of biting or squeezing enemies, you will control your snake to attack others with its long body. Snake io has a new improvement to this exciting game genre. The Io Snake Game will take many players worldwide to a playground. The players will play as a snake on this ground. To strengthen your snake, collecting food is the most important work. Coming to the game, you will have the opportunity to fight with different people worldwide.

The aims of the new and classic snake game

In the past, you had to control your snake to eat a dot without hitting the walls. Of course, only the snake of one player exists in the classic installment. However, everything will change in the io snake game. The game will create a playground where various snakes will exist and develop. It's like a natural environment for every snake.

Here, you need to eat as much food as you can to become the longest snake. Of course, all the other players have the same goal as you, so this will cause competition. You can attack and destroy other players' snakes. The opponent can also block the head and destroy your snake back.

Why you should play Snake io

The new and unique feature makes Snake io more difficult than traditional snake games. You do not only move and avoid the barriers, but you also combat with other players. However, these hard rules also help Snake to attract more players worldwide. Fighting with other players is always more fun than playing alone, isn't it? The more, the merrier! If you are lonely and bored, Snake io should be your priority. You can even make friends with many players in the world. Let's show off your skills with others! Let them see they are playing against a pro gamer!

How to play Snake Game

Although this game is very famous, some players don’t know the rules. Moreover, this is the new version with some new improvements. Therefore, it's better to introduce some rules and items for you.

Collect Snake Game apples to grow

Now, we will learn more about the gameplay of this game. In this game, your task is to control a small snake. This snake will move on a playground in which there are many other snakes. On the way, you will see a lot of juicy red apples. Your snake is very hungry, so these delicious apples are its food. Navigate this snake to eat the apples. It sounds interesting, doesn't it? The snakes in this game will not eat meat but eat apples. These apples not only keep your snake full but also help it grow. The apples will appear continuously on the ground and you just need to move through them to consume them. The playground or even the snakes are designed with small squares. This isn't only for decorating, these squares will help you easily to define the apple locations.

Grab items on the way

In this online Snake Game, apples aren't the only objects that appear on the ground. You even can see two other items which are poison and bombs. Of course, they aren't useful for your snake or they even can kill any snake. Therefore, when you see them, it's better to dodge these items. Now, we will learn about the harmful points of two items here.


The bombs will be put anywhere on the map. They even are created with red colors that are the same color as the apples. Therefore, sometimes, you will mistake them for red apples. With the same color and size, they will increase the game's difficulty. The snake will die as soon as it eats the bomb. Therefore, you need to stay away from these bombs.


Do you often see witches' potions? They will be green like poison in this game. They have an attractive appearance but they are very harmful to your snake. Although these poison doesn't cause death, they will reduce the length of your snake. From that, your snake will shorten and be weak.

Compete with others

There will be a lot of other players with the same goal as you. That's why there will be competition. In each match, 40 players will join one room. When one snake is destroyed, the other will be sent here. Therefore, you can't be the last survivor. You only can get a high score to be on top of a leaderboard on the screen.

Protect the snake's head

The heads of these snakes are their weakness. If your snake's head hits another's body, your snake will be defeated. In addition, you must not crash your head into the barricades of the playground. Otherwise, you will start the game again. Don't let anyone stop you and attack you. Be proactive in all situations. When your snake is long, you should actively attack the enemy. Let's combine attack and defense to become invincible!

How to control

Snake Game world record and settings

While playing the game, you can see your stats. In the upper right corner of the screen is a leaderboard. Here, you can see your ranking and that of your opponent. Let's see who is the top 1 in the match and beat them. Before entering the game, you should set the username. Then your name can be on the leaderboard. Can you break the Snake Game world record to be the new champion?

In addition, you can also see information such as the number of players you have defeated on the leaderboard. Alternatively, you can track your location via a mini-map at the bottom of the screen. You can also see the position of other competitors. The length of your snake is also displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. You can turn on or turn off the game's sounds and music in the main menu. Hope you will have a great time with this game.

Some tips and tricks to become the longest snake

What you don't know about the Snake Game online

Rumor of Snake Game 2

After the success of the first version, many people are waiting for Snake Game 2 and Snake Game 3 with many improved features. However, our website now only offers the Snake Game version. In the future, we will constantly try to update the best versions of this game to bring you diverse entertainment platforms.

People also ask about Snake Game

Where can I play Snake Game for free?

This game is available on our website, so you just need an Internet connected device to play the game.

What is Google snake?

It's a classic game where you control a snake to collect food and you can play this game on Google.

What is the highest score in snake?

The highest score in the snake game is 256 points.

What are the benefits of playing Snake?

In this game, you can practice your eye-sharp and quick reaction.

Snake Game and Slither IO

Many people may find this game has some of the same points as Slither IO. Nonetheless, they aren't difficult to distinguish. Furtherless, you will find the obvious differences after enjoying this game. If you want to know immediately, I will show you now.

Different points

The two versions are based on the classic game, but they have different features. In Slither IO, you can navigate the snake very smoothly and it can move in any direction, even a diagonal direction. However, you can only move the snake at right angles in the game Snake Game. Instead of eating apples as in Snake Game, the Slither IO allows snakes to consume the energy balls to grow up. You have to consider that the Snake Game is more difficult than Slither IO because of the above things.

Same points

The main characters of the two games are the adorable snakes. They all need to consume something to lengthen their size. Moreover, the two games are multiplayer games where many different players worldwide compete together. Both games require your quick reflex and quick fingers. Many pro opponents will appear in these games. Can you defeat them?


When you feel lonely or stressed, Snake Game is always here for you to relax. You can enjoy the game with many players who you have never seen in your life. In the beginning, you may feel the snake is quite hard to navigate. No pain, no gain! After many tries, you can conquer this fun game. If you are a newbie, you can choose the practice mode to get used to the maps and ways to control them. Don't forget to share this game with your friends and family if you like them. Now, it's time for snakes!