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Cafe 3 in a Row

About Cafe 3 in a Row

Are you ready for the challenges in the Cafe 3 in a Row game? In this game, you have to find and match three identical items in a row to pass the levels.

Cafe 3 in a Row is a fun puzzle game, where you need to find and match three identical items to pass levels. Once three identical items have been matched, they are removed from the board. You will have the opportunity to go through countless levels of the game. The challenge of the game also increases with the number of levels you achieve. Play and conquer this game.

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About Power-ups

  • Hint: You can use this power-up when you have no idea how to match items.
  • Shuffle: You use it when there are no characters that can be linked together on the board. It will shuffle all items.
  • Undo: Helps you to undo the move.