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An uncompromising battle for the survival of snakes

You must gather colorful orbs in the game Gulper.io to grow bigger and score higher if you want to be the best. In order to cause collisions with other players, try blocking them as well. They will be destroyed as a result, and you can then salvage all the items they left behind. Be careful, since two snakes headbutting each other will kill both players. The unique feature of Gulper.io is that you can speed up, but doing so won't significantly harm you and will only result in a very gradual reduction in size. As a result, it is feasible to decide on a strategy that involves moving swiftly in order to outwit and surprise other players. To dominate your game and climb the leaderboard, try to survive long enough.

How to beat opponents in the game Gulper.io

Eat as many orbs as you can to grow into the room's longest snake. If you are larger than other snakes at your level, you will have a significant advantage. You must be aware of the best strategy to eliminate your adversary. To catch your adversaries inside your own snake, try to encircle them. Then give them no other option except to collide with you and perish. You must be careful not to be surrounded by others at the same moment. Can you evade their strikes and survive to the end? Slide to the top of the leaderboard immediately! Conquer the top of the leaderboard now!