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Apple Worm

About Apple Worm

Join the Apple Worm game to steer your worm through intricate mazes and reach the portal to complete a level.

Like Drift F1, this game has many different levels. Each level is a challenge that requires you to use your wits to control your worm. You cannot control your worm in a conventional way. Instead, you also have enough space for your worm to move, turn, or back. You also need to avoid falling out of the maze. Ensure that your worm has a connection to the maze to avoid this.

Things to pay attention to

When you play this game, you should pay attention to the red apples. These apples will be located in a lot of different places. Your worm can eat this apple to increase body length. It is necessary to overcome gaps or high walls.

In this game, you don't have to compete with other players like playing Snake Game. However, you face dangerous obstacles. For example, touching the spikes will cause your worm to die.