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Slither Dragon.io

The novelties of Slither Dragon.io compared to the original version

Snake game

Slither Dragon.io is a game inspired by the original version of the classic Snake Game. Surely you will know that one of the first video games was Snake Game. This game never goes out of style, but it always holds a certain position in the game world. Currently, there are many new versions inspired by this cult game. One of them is the game Slither Dragon.io.

New creations of Slither Dragon.io

Basically this game retains the characteristics of the original. However, you can control your snake to walk freely within this range. It doesn't move in a straight line like in the Snake game. There is a breakthrough innovation that cannot be ignored in the graphics of this game. Slither Dragon.io is a 3D game that gives players an extremely realistic feeling. The snake is not an ordinary snake, it has a dragon's head. This is strange, isn't it? It is an innovation unmatched in any other snake game.

How to control dragon head snake in Slither Dragon.io game

When you start in the mysterious world of the dragon-headed snake, you are a tiny snake. You need to find food quickly. Use the mouse to control your snake to go around and eat lots of green eggs. You need to eat a lot to get more points and increase your length. The other dragon-headed snakes in this game are also trying to survive by eating. There are people who want to beat you up by blocking your head. You have to be very careful. If you want to speed up, hold down the left mouse button. This game is simple and suitable for all types of players. You can recommend it to anyone if they want to find an entertaining game in their spare time. I wish you would become the top dragon-headed snake in the rankings!