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Emoji Snakes

Fun hunting game with emoji

Emoji Snakes game players have a wide selection of emojis and snakes with different colors for you to choose from according to your liking. To become the biggest snake, collect all the bright dots. If you are stopped by a snake, the game is over. There are more dead snake dots left than normal ones, so take the opportunity to eat them all. Pay attention to your leaderboard, located in the upper right corner, to see how high you rank in the game. The snake's movements must be carefully controlled by the player throughout the game. Play Emoji Snakes to be at the top!

Try to survive and take the original position

Now play this amazing snake-style emoji-style game. There is a lot of fun waiting for you with Emoji Snakes. There is only one rule in the Emoji Snakes game that you must remember to ensure your safety when playing this game: do not encounter other snakes. Try to eat colorful bright dots to increase size. Once you have the advantage of length, you can kill other thugs easily. Catch them by pressing the left button to increase speed. Be careful because other snakes are very fast and cunning. You need to kill them by pressing their head against your body. Don't forget to remove all food dropped from dead worms. Place all the rockets on the way to becoming stronger and faster.