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Blocky Snakes

Interesting snake assembly game

Blocky Snakes is a snake game in a 3D world where players have an extremely attractive survival competition. Each snake in this game is made up of puzzle pieces. Your mission is to compete with other snakes and become the greatest snake. To do this, you need a lot of game experience. Practice as a beginner, and you will quickly understand the rules of this game. Your skills and acumen increase over time. Start the game and conquer these tough challenges!

Rules to become a big snake in the game Blocky Snakes

Controlling the serpent is necessary, as is gathering more dead people and money. You can try to kill the snakes of other players by blocking them, then harvest all of their blocks to raise your score. To expand your snake, consume little blocks. The number of blocks destroyed and the distance traveled both affect how quickly the game moves along.

During the game, special goods can be gathered, giving you momentary benefits that give you an advantage over other snakes. There are two categories of boosters. The shield will save you from losing bodies while destroying blocks, and the magnet will gather all the cash in the area around you.