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Jugar Snake

Jugar Snake game options

Are you ready to take on the snake control challenge of Jugar Snake game? You will explore a whole new snake universe in this game. The gameplay of this game is as timeless as the original Snake game. Fruit type, game mode, number of targets, play area size, and snake color can all be changed in this quirky snake game. To access these options, select the Settings icon from the start screen. You can choose from a variety of skin tones and themes for your snake.

How to play

Your task is to move the snake in the right direction and eat the brilliant fruit to increase its size and score. You can use the arrow keys to play Jugar Snake. You have to be careful because a longer snake is harder to control and easier to get stuck. The screen will show your achievement and score if you lose. You can then choose to play back using the same settings or modify them.