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Classic Snake

Nostalgia and snake games on Nokia phones

Everyone knows this classic game. With only 2 colors black and white and the gameplay is also very simple, but the game has made many people passionate about playing and getting amazing scores. Surely you can't forget the snake game on the old Nokia. The phone is very simple and attractive for gamers. It was also one of the first games to appear on phones. It was released in 1997 and follows the genre of the Gremlin Industries arcade game.

Classic Snake is a remake of the game Sanke on Nokia

Classic Snake recreates exactly the same snake game on old Nokia phones. You just need to press the arrow keys to control the snake to eat its prey when it appears on the screen. Make sure the snake's head does not eat any part of the body or hit the 4 walls. Otherwise you will lose. Each time you eat the bait you will get points for yourself. However, snakes are getting longer and longer, so the difficulty also increases gradually, thereby avoiding eating corpses will increase. Many gamers remember the snake game and go to the app stores to search again to play, but those snake games are all improved in a brand new style that makes users no longer as excited as before. With Classic Snake you will return to the classic snake game from the 1997s that has become a legend that will surely satisfy you.