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Bubble Guppies Good Hair Day

Help the guppies change their hairstyles

The first game featuring members of the Bubble Guppies cast is Bubble Guppies Good Hair Day. This game is brand new, gorgeous, and the first of its type to focus on these endearing characters. Your Bubble Guppies friends want you to play a brand-new creative game with them and assist them in styling their hair. You are invited to play this brand-new game in which you must visit a beauty parlor and defend Scissor City from the hairball, the most dangerous supervillain in existence. Help is needed for the bubble guppies to style their hair and get rid of the unsightly tangles.

Show off your hair styling skills

You must first begin applying their cosmetics! After that, you decide on each character's hairstyle. To test it out, simply tap on each option with YOUR MOUSE. It's time to move on to the next category after making your decision! Your friends must take a seat one at a time before the hair transformation can begin. Each character requires a different hairstyle, so pick one first. To accomplish this, simply pick all the shades and select the one that suits each character the best. In the last step, you can select from a variety of adorable accessories!