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Your mission in the snake world

In the popular online game Slither.io, players control a colorful snake and help it survive. To survive, you must control your little snake to consume multicolored orbs in a large multiplayer environment. You have to eat a lot of your snake balls to make it grow. Avoid crashing into other snakes so you don't become snake food or make other players rush to eat your decaying food. To become the biggest snake, you need a smart playing strategy. The object of the game is to strategically cut your opponent's path while outwitting them to become the leader-scoring snake.

Some tips for you

  • Accelerate as needed to avoid attacks, hunt down, or block your enemies. By holding the left mouse button, you can speed up. However, you should be aware that speeding will reduce the length of the snake.
  • To make the snake bigger, eat lots of light particles on the map. You can also grow fast by eating the carcasses of other snakes. A large amount of food is produced when a giant snake dies and decomposes. To increase your chances of eating other snakes, you should head towards the center of the map.
  • An effective way to kill opponents is to run in circles to surround and eliminate smaller snakes. Running parallel to them or waving will be a good way to provoke your opponent. You can use this strategy to defend yourself or engage an attacker because you don't die from hitting yourself.
  • One effective way to have a better playing experience is that you should play in full screen mode for a larger view and to prevent accidental clicks while playing. To enable full screen mode on your PC, press F11.