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Join the coloring contest for territory

At the start of the game Conquer, you appear with a small area of your own. You need to go out of this safe zone to color on the black background. You will form a long line. You need to try to go back to your area to color the entire area you just circled. This game is one of my favorites. It will definitely bring you joy in your spare time. You are in dispute with many other opponents. Each player has a unique color. Everyone wants to cover the entire background with school colors. Try to bring your beautiful colors to cover the entire game screen.

How to conquer the game Conquer

This is a fun game with simple gameplay. You don't need much time to learn how to play. You can completely start immediately and control your character in a sporty way. However, to win this game, you need a fast brain. You need to have a really smart playing strategy. If you choose a safe solution in your area, then opening the territory is not possible. You should bravely go out of your comfort zone and open up the territory. However, when you make a stroke outside of your range, the opponent can attack and knock you down. So the best way is not to go too far. And the important thing is that you always stay alert because opponents are always running around you. I hope you conquer this game!