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Different from other games of the same genre

In Zapper.io game, you will experience a kind of snake that is not real. I'm not sure if it's a creature or a machine. The electric snake creates a more modern interface than games of the same genre. Try to collect as much light as possible. Use the purple power lines to your advantage. Use a smart strategy in this fierce survival game. Don't be afraid of giant snakes. You need to increase your confidence to conquer this game. Turn into the biggest snake on the map!

Ways to survive in the game Zapper.io

You control a small snake in this online multiplayer survival action game. Your opponents are players from all over the world. Getting the most points and top by ranking is your goal. You'll need to consume all the energy you can find nearby to make that happen. Eat as much as you can to help you get bigger. When you are a giant snake, you will easily defeat your opponent. To defeat some enemies, you must block their path so that they run into you. After their breakdown, you can consume all their energy. The red lines in the arena can help you move faster. Try to take advantage of them.