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Zombie Tsunami

About Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami is a running game that is loved by many people. When Zombies invade the city, you control them to run crazy and mess everything up.

The popular online game Zombie Tsunami is played all around the world. You may now effortlessly play this fantastic game on all electronic devices. Are you prepared to join and get fully immersed in the zombie rebellion? Now let's get going. You become disoriented in a crowded metropolis while acting like an ecstatic zombie. You keep running. You navigate through the car's on-road obstacles. On this voyage, you gather cash and, most importantly, recruit other partners. If you have many partners, you will have more strength to conquer challenging problems.

In order to play Zombie Tsunami well and earn a high score, there are a few things to keep in mind. Pay attention to the barriers. If you lack the strength to push them, jumping over them is the best option. If you don't jump over the holes, you'll fall and lose. The number of teammates you have after each jump can drastically decrease if you have a large team, so you should endeavor to perform the jumps precisely. Try to push large barriers, such as vehicles or even airplanes, to add teammates after you have a sufficient number of team fields. You must take extreme care to avoid hitting any bombs since they will appear everywhere.

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