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About Granny

You get lost in a haunted house while playing the horror game Granny, the experience is extremely thrilling. There is a ghost stalking to attack you.

All of the adventure story's elements are reflected in granny games. You unintentionally became stranded in a deserted home while on a foraging mission. Do you know what will take place? This home is haunted. Because you invade the elderly woman's home, the ghost of the old woman will pursue you. The brain is a spirit of evil. She is attempting to kill you while holding a large stick. Are you courageous enough to accept the Granny Game's frightful challenge? Test your bravery by starting the Granny game!

You need to be aware of particular tactics if you want to win at the Granny game. Despite having incredible strength and exceptional hearing, the ghost is not very intellectual. You could rush away directly after her, but you have to be careful not to cross her line of sight. Granny won't disregard you if she sees you fleeing and hides. Also, you might employ strategies to divert the older woman if you need a lot of time to complete a task. gauging a location. Make a noise to go into her room. Then you'll dash into the next room through the window. At Backroom Game, there is a second terrifying task in addition to Granny.