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Shell Shockers

About Shell Shockers

Are you ready to participate in Shell Shockers in which you engage in combat across several worlds? There are many different weapons for you to use. You can fight with snipers, handguns, veggies, grenades, and many more weapons.

Note that, in this game, your character is special. This game will bring you a unique character. You will transform into a gun-toting egg. This game is not simply a running game like Geometry Dash Bloodbath. Now, it requires you to use all skills such as moving, fighting, and planning.

Game Modes

Like Snake Game and Scribble, this game is for multiplayer. Play this multiplayer online FPS game to experience 3 game modes, including Teams, Free For All, and Captula the Spatula.

  • Teams: You start with choosing a red or blue team, then utilize your talents to engage in combat inside enemy eggs to help your team score the most kills.
  • Free For All: Each egg will defend itself in battle. In this mode, you can win if you are the last surviving egg.
  • Captula the Spatula: Two teams, red and blue, compete in this mode. The team using the spatula earns points for kills but loses points when a player is killed.