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Geometry Dash Bloodbath

About Geometry Dash Bloodbath

You won't find any version that is more challenging than Geometry Dash Bloodbath. This game is considered the hardest version in the Geometry Dash game series. Previous versions like Geometry Dash Meltdown and Geometry Dash Lite have not really reached the peak of difficulty as this new version.

Although this game has only one game mode like Slope Ball, it is still attractive. You will spend hours to be able to conquer only this one level. Can you persevere like other talented players who have completed Geometry Dash Bloodbath?

Bloodbath Map

The word 'Bloodbath' describes the difficulty of this game. The battles in Snake Game are not even as thrilling as this game.

Right from the beginning of the game, you are faced with a small passage with countless spikes. The game is challenging for the players right from the start. After, a range of obstacles will appear to challenge your abilities.