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io Games Wormate 2

Introducing the game io Games Wormate 2

io Games Wormate 2 is a survival game like snake games. However, it has different creative points that make this game new.

Survival game in the world of worms

The mischievous and gluttonous worms always want to eat a lot of food. In the io Games Wormate 2 game, you will control a red worm to feed. Feel free to eat your favorite foods. Including cakes, sweets, and soft drinks. They appear everywhere and are really attractive.


The io Games Wormate 2 game is different from other games of the same genre in terms of visuals. One notable innovation that you might be most interested in is the game's setting. Different from other survival worlds. In this game, let your worm be free to eat on a football field. This is really fun and gives players a whole new experience.

How to play the game io Games Wormate 2

You control your mischievous red worm by moving the mouse. Eat as much food as you can. The amount of food you eat will correspond to the number of points you have. However, you are not only focused on making food. Because you need to compete with your rivals in this fierce survival environment. Try to distinguish the miracle drugs that appear on this football field. If you can use it for its intended purpose, you can completely gain an advantage. There is also the fastest way for you to increase your score that is, you should attack your opponents and then collect all the food they decompose into.