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Snake Attack

You are a snake who likes to eat fruit

Start the game Snake Attack as a small snake. You will experience the challenge of survival in a space on the green lawn. You can move freely and eat a lot of fruit here to increase your size. However, this playground includes many different snakes. You need to quickly eat your knees before the delicious fruit is eaten by the opponent. Discover what interesting things are around you. There is a wall that limits your space. You can only move within a certain space. If you hit the dividing wall, your snake will die. Start the exciting game Snake Attack now!

The principles of the game Snake Attack

At the beginning of the game, you are a small snake. You need to find food quickly. Many delicious fruits are around you, such as apples, pears, cherries, oranges,... You should eat them a lot to increase their size.

You need to be careful when moving. Many other snakes in this game perform the same survival mission as you. You can avoid them because if you collide, you will die. However, if you want to kill other snakes, trap them by moving quickly so that they hit you.

You move your snake using stories. If you want to speed up to eat a lot or trap your opponent, hold down the left mouse button.