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Taming io

About Taming io

In the survival game Taming io, you build your village and tame pets. Collect all the resources you can to unlock and craft new weapons and level up.

You and your pet are invited to join us at Taming.io. Try to advance in level to acquire new weaponry. Build up a force of strong animals to protect your land. Gather resources and items to expand your kingdom as other enemies try to encroach. Teach your dogs to fight and watch them develop. Each animal has a unique special talent. Be cautious in the beginning stages as you will need to assemble a formidable army. Find the proper opponent and stay away from powerful opponents to gain strength over time.

Don't waste time; begin implementing your stronghold and fortifying it with turrets and fortified walls. The windmill, which will continuously produce gold for you, is one of the most crucial buildings to unlock in order to build your foundation. Io might attack you if you use aggressive words or gestures, therefore you should avoid doing either. Instead, calmly and quietly discuss the snake's requirements as well as how you would like the two of you to coexist until it departs your house. If you can, reach out and allow the enough space to escape the house without frightening or hurting anyone else within.