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Backroom Game

About Backroom Game

Backroom Game is an extremely attractive horror game for those who want to test their courage. Experience the scary deserted house adventure now!

The hottest horror game right now is Backroom Game. Your task is to find the exit in the strange yellow corridor. Each level will present brand-new difficulties and be more difficult than the one before it. The three levels should absolutely be played in order if you enjoy a challenge. You'll be able to detect the difference, and this horror game's thrill will have your heart racing nonstop. Your objective is to leave these rooms as quickly as you can. You need to concentrate in order to keep track of where you've been and what this area has to offer. Monsters will begin to approach you if you hear unusual noises. Use the wall map to explore and find the exit more quickly.

You will feel the mystery of this house right from the start of the game. The enormous halls in front of you appear to be a perilous matrix and have old construction. Running is the only means of surviving. Backroom Game gives you experience in a scary and mysterious space. You will have to explore an abandoned house. There are not many ghosts hiding here. When entering any room, the thrill will make you hold your breath. There will be surprises waiting for you later in each room.

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How to play
You control your character to move with the arrow keys. Adjust the view direction with the mouse.