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Clean the Sea

Peppa Pig wants to clean up trash in the sea

In the game Clean the Sea, the character Peppa Pig goes fishing. But he noticed that there was a lot of garbage floating in the sea. He decided to stop the fishing session. Instead, there was a garbage collection session. He used his fishing rod to pull up the floating trash. Please accompany Peppa Pig in this thoughtful work. Try to collect as much trash as possible to make the sea cleaner and more beautiful!

Instructions on how to use a fishing rod to collect garbage

Make use of the mouse to aim and shoot your fishing rod at the plastic and other marine trash, then pull it back to earn points. Avoid the seagulls and submarines, though, since attempting to capture them will result in the loss of life, and if you lose all three lives, the game is over. As always, we offer you Endless fun, so let's see how much garbage you can pick up and how many points you can score from it. Afterward, we hope you'll try more of our daily games!