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Dino Meat Hunt 3 Extra

Dino Dad and son continue the adventure

In Dino Meat Hunt 3 Extra game, there are twenty new game levels, adversaries, and riddles waiting for you. Only by working together will Father Dino and his son be able to successfully finish the stages. If you enjoyed the original two Dino Meat Hunt games, you'll undoubtedly enjoy this new one, which features fresh challenges and locations. You will face a variety of difficulties here, so be prepared for everything. I'm confident that if you and your companion work together, you can overcome any difficulty and achieve your objective.

Your duties

Bringing the dinosaurs to the exit is the game's objective. To get through each level, you'll need to avoid all the adversaries and perform flawlessly. Collecting different types of meat is acceptable, but take care to avoid getting burned. The cooperation of your two heroes is the primary factor in success. Along the route, dangers, opponents, and challenges await. If you want to have fun with dinosaurs, you must pay attention to this game. To manage the little dinosaur, you will need to use arrows, and you will need k to attack. W, A, S, and D are required to control the large dinosaur if you are the second player, and g is required to attack.