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Nine Blocks

About Nine Blocks

Nine Blocks is a puzzle game, where you will have to arrange different blocks. You arrange blocks in a 9x9 grid and remove them from the board.

This is a puzzle game, where you have to merge blocks on a 9x9 grid just like Sudoku.game. You stack blocks on a 9x9 grid and destroy them. The more blocks you destroy, the higher your score.

How to play

This game has the same gameplay as Jewel Block Puzzle on the Snake Game website. You arrange blocks to remove them by completing lines and blocks. You play and keep the board clean to get a high score.

How to control: Use the mouse to arrange blocks.


You can use power-ups to pass the game more easily

  • Bomb: It is to explode the blocks around it
  • Replace: You can replace 1 block with another block
  • Shuffle: It shuffles the existing blocks on the left side of the screen.