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Santa Snake

Snake game Christmas version

Try Santa Snake, a Christmas-themed snake version. You will enjoy playing this lovely snake game with a carnival theme. Santa Snake is an online multiplayer game similar to the classic snake game. The goal is to control the snake and collect energy points to become the biggest snake. Playing this game can keep you entertained whenever you have free time. You can compete with other players on the map. The special thing about this game is that the snakes wear Santa hats. You can choose one of your favorite hats from the many carnival hats in the game. Start exploring snake land for Christmas now!

Simple graphics

Like other games with the same theme, Santa Snake's graphics are quite simple but vibrant and festive. You'll notice colorful snakes as well as festive hats like Santa hats, reindeer, snowmen, or candies. All bring you a full Christmas atmosphere. The map has a green background with many small red and yellow particles on it. These represent your snake's energy points. Although not too complicated or detailed, the aesthetic of the game still makes gamers excited and impressed.