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Introducing Wormax.io game

This game belongs to the genre of multiplayer survival games inspired by Slither.io. In this entertaining game, your task is to command a worm that must consume light dots to increase in size and compete with other players on the map. In addition, you can use active abilities and accessories to live in dangerous conditions. Wormax.io is playable on iOS, Android, and web browsers. In addition, you can invite friends to play on the same server. Compete with other players on the leaderboard by upgrading your worm. Get started and conquer number one on the Wormax.io game leaderboard now!

Features of the game Wormax.io

  • This game offers simple but attractive gameplay suitable for all ages. and any device can play the game.
  • The game has fun sounds, bright colors, and sharp graphics. Players can use several methods and face many problems thanks to the game's many active and auxiliary skills.
  • This is an extremely attractive survival game due to the fierce competition. Players always want to outperform their opponents and move up the leaderboard.
  • In addition, it is also appreciated for its interactivity. Players can connect and play with friends or other gamers from all over the world.