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About WormsZone.io

WormsZone.io is a survival game in the world of extremely interesting worms. It is loved because the survival competition is really attractive.

WormsZone.io game modes (unlimited time mode and restricted time mode) are included to provide you with rich gaming experiences. You can play in the expansive game field while exploring the ever-shrinking playing space in the unlimited time mode to become the biggest worm.

The best way to win a worm match is to try to gather as much food as you can in order to become the biggest worm on the map. You will encounter many worms during your battle royal. However, you can defeat them by commanding your worm to have the adversary charge at you. In addition, you set activities and collect cash and pearls daily to unlock attractive worm costumes. Joining this worm game will help us improve our skills, gain rewards, and remodel our worm.

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How to play

You control your worm by moving the mouse.