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Alien Bubbles

Arrow shooting challenge for you

You should play the fascinating game called Alien Bubbles. In this game, you command an arrow-shooting device to shoot the aliens approaching you. The Alien Bubbles video game is heavily influenced by older titles like Puzzle Bubble. You have to aim your arrow correctly and hit the aliens of the same color as your arrow to defeat them. To increase damage, use special arrows, but be careful when using them because there are only so many arrows! Complete every level and save the planet.

The 3D graphics and sound in this game are amazing. The battles with colorful and shaped aliens will be very interesting and exciting. To use the arrows as effectively as possible, you must also come up with the best plan of action.

How to play the game Alien Bubbles

You just need to use the arrow keys to aim. By pressing the A and C keys, you can modify the arrow's style and color. Additionally, pressing the V key unlocks an improved color mode, allowing you to shoot any alien with your arrows. There are three different types of arrows in the game, and there are 20 progressively more difficult levels.