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Anaconda Disaster

Snake world in the game Anaconda Disaster

Snakes can swallow sweet foods like candy, cakes, ice cream, etc. in the colorful and sweet world of the game Anaconda Disaster. The snakes have to fight bigger and stronger enemies that are aiming to take over their area. They try to endanger the lives of all other snakes in this deadly and fierce world. The snakes can change their skin to make it more attractive and unique. The snakes want to be the big python and win the contest.

Conquer the game Anaconda Disaster

This game is similar to other snake games, To conquer it, you need to have an understanding of this game and how to play it.


Anaconda Disaster game is based on the traditional greedy snake strategy. You have to participate in a fierce battle between the snakes in it and try to win. You will enjoy a scene full of delicacies to feed you and your countless enemies. Use your smart grid and skills to rank up on the leaderboards. Simply be aware of your surroundings, eliminate small enemies, and do your best to avoid almost certain death.

How to play

You will control a greedy snake that must constantly explore the area, get through the gate, eat various objects to continue to grow, and watch out for larger greedy snakes to ensure survival and success. your work. To move and select your snake, use the arrow keys. Avoid being pushed off the stage by your opponent and enjoy the fun of turning your little snake into a giant python. In addition, the game unlocked the customizable greedy snake skin. This game is very simple to play, has great visuals and sounds, and is suitable for all ages.