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Arctic Pong

About Arctic Pong

Arctic Pong is a super cute ice skating game. Your task is to control the seal so that each slide avoids obstacles and collects a lot of gold coins.

The goal of the game Arctic Pong is straightforward: you have to assist the little seals in gathering cash while avoiding the polar bears who are hungry. Click and tap to play Arctic Pong in the winter. Arctic Pong, an exhilarating online arcade game, transports you to the chilly Arctic. Avoid polar bears that are enraged by controlling your animal character by clicking or pressing the screen. Begin with a seal, gather coins, and then unlocked penguins, owls, or reindeer.

You take control of a super adorable seal playing ping pong on the ice in the game Arctic Pong. This sneaky seal enjoys sliding on the snow and ice. At every level, it will move continually between the two platforms to gather coins. The seal's journey is nevertheless dangerous. The white bears keep popping up at various speeds. In order to protect yourself, you must stay away from these white bears. The game will end if you run against any white bears. Attempt to achieve the best score you can. You will receive one point for each coin that you gather. How many points are there to earn? Play this game to demonstrate your skills!