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Avatar Game

Characters inspired by the hit Avatar movie

At the beginning of this game, players must have a bit of a familiar feeling when looking at our character. He is the main character in the movie Avatar. One of the people who was given the test was supposed to be like the jungle people on the other planet. That's why he has abilities far beyond humans. He has excellent running and jumping skills. That's why he is very confident when standing in front of the challenging path in Game Avatar.

Some things to keep in mind to stay safe from challenges

First, you need to get used to the character's running speed. He runs very fast, so controlling the character's speed is something that needs the practice to get.

There are many obstacles in your way in the Avatar Game. The spikes and retaining walls are arranged in a row so that you can only jump to pass. However, making the jumps is not easy either. When you need to react in the most accurate way to overcome a series of arranged obstacles.