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Baby Looney Tunes Tidy Up Time

Do the cleaning work after playing with the toys

Baby Looney Tunes Tidy Up Time is a great game with cartoon characters familiar to all of us. This cute Cartoonito game features your favorite cartoon animals as a kid. One of the chores you do every day is clean up your toys after playing with them. You have to clean up by yourself because, after playing with toys, the room becomes a mess. After a full day of fun, you need to start cleaning them up! You can clean up toys after playing, which means that you have consciously taken care of your toys. Cleaning the toys also helps to keep the room clean. Have fun playing the game!

Instructions for cleaning up in the game Baby Looney Tunes Tidy Up Time

Choose one of the five characters you want to be, such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety, and more, and that's where you start your career. You have twelve levels in all to complete, and depending on how well you complete them, you can get between one and three stars in each level.

You have to sort the toys by color and put them in the appropriate bin after Taz comes back and gives you the toys. As you get higher, add more toys, more colors, and more boxes by placing the red toy in the red box and the blue toy in the blue box.