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Big Birds Racing

About Big Birds Racing

Big Birds Racing is an exciting ostrich racing game. There are up to four players. Your task is to control your ostrich to overcome obstacles on the track.

Welcome to Big Birds Racing, a simulation of horse racing in which you steer an ostrich through numerous humps and bumps on the track. You know you're playing Bird Birds Racing, one of the many interesting racing games you may play for free when you hear the odd ostrich racing music. The music and gameplay are both highly distinctive. We never stop creating excellent multiplayer games for you. Four people can play this game at once. If you're ready, simply click the keyboard to find bliss.

You can race the giant birds in three different events at three different locales in Big Birds Racing with up to four players. Through the desert, jungle, and arctic, you and your birds will compete. If you place well enough in each event, you can unlock even more courses. The initial event in any place is an obstacle. Keep in mind that in order to start your bird for any event, you must press the action key. Your bird will fall to the ground face down if you don't press the action key to start the race for it. You can jump over barriers and fences in the obstacle course event by using the action key.