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Bunny Balloonny

About Bunny Balloony

Play the super cute Bunny Balloony two-player game now! Invite your friends to play this game. A balloon-blowing contest awaits to find the winner.

Are you prepared to participate in the Bunny Balloony game's balloon-blowing competition with adorable bunnies? It's time to join these bunnies on the balcony in Bunny Balloony! After a while, staying in becomes monotonous, so these cheeky bunnies invented a balloon-dropping game to pass the time. On either side of a big cactus are two bunnies. Each bunny has to blow up a balloon as quickly as it can. Breathe deeply and grab a balloon! Fortunately, you don't need to touch the thorny cactus in the center because it is there. This game's objective is quite straightforward. Your sole goal is to be the first to inflate your balloon to the point of explosion.

Click the play button on the main menu to begin the Bunny Balloony game. Next, select 1 or 2-player mode to determine whether you want to play against the computer or with friends. Finally, select the number of rounds and press the play button. To enlarge your balloon, quickly press the SPACEBAR if you are player 1 or the ENTER key if you are player 2. You may monitor your and your opponent's scores at the top of the screen. Have a wonderful time!