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Castle Pals

About Castle Pals

Open up an exciting adventure in the Castle Pals game. In this game, you control your character to overcome obstacles and escape from the castle.

It has the same gameplay as Dark Castle on the Snake Game website. Castle Pals is a classic level-based platformer, where you must control your character to escape the castle. There are 2 characters, and each of them has its own special abilities. One has martial attributes, the other has the ability to fly. Also, you have a chance to play this game through 40 levels. Are you ready for these challenges?

How to play

It is similar to the Sausage Run game, you have to avoid obstacles to escape. There are obstacles that will hinder you such as fireballs, goblins, and so on. You must control your character carefully so as not to be knocked down.

How to control: Use the keys on the keyboard to control.