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Connect Dots

Conquer the geometry puzzle game

One of the most popular geometry puzzle games is Connect Dots. This is a great recommendation if you want to challenge yourself with fascinating puzzle games. What better method to train your logical thinking than playing games? You can kill time by solving difficult puzzles. This game is a fun mental challenge. To test you, it uses geometric shapes and lines. You need to use your thinking skills better to solve simple geometry problems.

Your task is to complete the drawing

You must use brush strokes to complete the drawing. All strokes are connected at specific points. Take turns making strokes to complete the drawing. Since all drawings consist of straight lines, creating the strokes is relatively simple. However, each point can only be plotted once. You need to determine the sequence in which to perform the strokes. You will not be able to complete the picture if you draw the pieces in the wrong order. However, there is a replay mode, so you can try again. Therefore, the opportunities to execute the idea in your head are not limited. Just be extremely patient and wait until you decide on a reasonable coloring order.