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Crazy Driver Noob

Physics-based driving game

All ages can enjoy the entertaining physics-based driving game Crazy Driver Noob. Drive with Noob to gather gold, gain points, and store them to use on new clothes or other items. You can unlock new vehicles and modify Noob's appearance. Ready to operate a vehicle with a noob? Drive carefully and avoid obstructions at all costs. You can have a ton of fun in Crazy Driver Noob. Have fun!

Tips for you to fully enjoy this game

Together, drive, leap off ramps, and gather riches; new clothing is waiting for you. Purchase costumes, and alter the shape of the novice. Driving is dangerous since you could get run over at any time. You must reach the end of each level without getting stuck, falling into a pit, getting obstructed, or doing anything similar because if you do, you will have to restart the level. To drive and control the angle of the kart, use W, A, S, and D.

Use the ramps to perform wild jumps along the route, gather as many coins as you can for use in the shop later, or get the power of question marks. There is nothing left to explain; just more pleasure, so get started today!