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Crazy Snake io

Experience the strangest snake world

Welcome to the universe of extraterrestrial cat-headed snakes in Crazy Snake io game. Surely this is something that you have not seen in current snake games. Thanks to their vibrant neon colors, your experience in space with these mutant snakes will be interesting and fascinating. The drama and excitement of the competition for first place in the rankings through the trap of friends will increase as more players participate. Your confusion and sometimes dizziness will come from the world of crazy snakes. Become a member of Crazy Snake IO to learn amazing things!

The mechanism of action of the game Crazy Snake IO

Start with a small snake and collect lots of sweets to grow up. This game has a unique and different feature: you don't have to go exactly where the food is, like in other snake games. Instead, food will be immediately sucked into your snake's mouth if you get close to them. However, the points earned will be lost because your snake has to release food to propel itself forward and move faster to avoid other opponents. Set yourself a reasonable movement strategy to reduce the amount of food wasted. A common strategy is to move quickly to block the head and use length to kill other snakes.