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Crazyroll 3D

About Crazyroll 3D

Start a great adventure in the city with Crazyroll 3D game. You will control the ball in the endless race and collect diamonds to upgrade yourself.

This game has the same gameplay as Slope Unlocked and Slope Run, you will control the ball on an endless track. The ball will move automatically on the track, you need to adjust its direction to not hit the obstacle. You try to go far on this road and collect diamonds. What are you waiting for without playing this amazing game?

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Collect diamonds to make purchases

On the endless track, you try to collect as many diamonds as you can. You can buy power-ups that help you easily overcome the game's obstacles. In addition, these diamonds also help you buy skins. The game has countless skins for you to choose from. Each skin has a different style and price. Choose your skin outfit and conquer the game.