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About Creatur.io

Creatur.io is a fun hunting game you can't miss! This game is not a fierce hunt, but Creatur.io is a lovely hunting game. Get Started Now as a Dogi!

You play as an adorable tiny kitty in the entertaining and adorable multiplayer cat game Creatur.io! This charming online multiplayer game has lots of opposition! You must feed cats, encourage their growth, and watch them compete with other cats for dominance in the arena. Your will to success will be fueled by this addictive game! By yourself, rule the hill, or challenge your buddies to defeat you! There are innumerable gems spread out around the area that you may gather to help your character level up and develop. You can grow as you gain levels and pick up new skills like lunge or burst of speed.

You must expand in the fantastic game Creatur.io in order to prevent being eaten by other players. You must attack your opponents from behind in order to defeat them. Else, you will just bounce off of one another. You must devour as many foes as you can. However, exercise extreme caution since larger foes have the potential to devour you. To outwit your opponents, move cautiously and make use of your unique moves. Can you dominate the adorable arena by growing to be the biggest, meanest cat there is?