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Cups - Water Sort Puzzle

About Cups - Water Sort Puzzle

Play and have moments of entertainment with the Cups - Water Sort Puzzle game. You must arrange the liquids in the glass cup so that they are of the same color.

It is not the journey of territorial expansion like in the Scribble game, in the Cups - Water Sort Puzzle game, you have to solve puzzles. You need to rearrange the liquids in the glass jar so that they are the same color. Play and train your brain.

How to play

This game has the same control as Four In A Row, you use the mouse to move the colors from one cup to another. You adjust the color of the cups so that each cup contains only one color type. You can only pour liquid into another glass if it is the same color. Also, you can play the game through countless levels. Play and conquer all levels of the game.

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