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Death Run 3D

About Death Run 3D

The next installment in the 'running series' is back with a brand new 3D game to challenge you. In this game, you will perform strong races on a dangerous tunnel. It is more difficult than Slope Ball. You will not know what challenges await you ahead. Obstacles will always appear unexpectedly and create thrills for the game.

Unlike Snake Game, this game is a running game for single players. You do not need to compete with other players. Instead, you challenge yourself with obstacles.

How to play

Use the arrow keys to move in 4 directions. This game belongs to fast-paced gameplay. It is completely different from Four In A Row where you use your wits to solve puzzles. In the game, you need to use your quick reflexes more.

Quickly avoid the obstacles and run as far as possible to get the highest score.