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Dino Meat Hunt: New Adventure

About Dino Meat Hunt: New Adventure

The survival challenge is set for you in the game Dino Meat Hunt: New Adventure. You will experience the exciting foraging of two dinosaur brothers.

Dino Meat Hunt: New Adventure continues the incredible adventure of the dinosaur brothers! In this location, two dinosaur brothers started a perilous search for nourishment. Would you like to go with them and immediately experience the world of paleontology? It's undoubtedly a brand-new, highly enjoyable experience! When playing by yourself, you can manage both dinos at once. But if you play with your buddies, this search will be a lot of fun. Play Dino Meat Hunt: a new adventure now to begin the two dinosaur brothers' survival journey!

The follow-up to the cooperative puzzle-platformer game Dino Meat Hunt is called Dino Meat Hunt: New Adventure. The cooperative game reminds you of a well-known game like Wormate.io. Before winter arrives, two dinosaurs must go on a quest for food. You have to solve each riddle with your brother in order to accomplish this. Like the Snake Game, this one is organized into levels. For each level, there are more than 20 distinct riddles that the two dinosaur brothers must solve. Huge dinosaurs can punch an opponent to victory, while small dinosaurs can double jump. Gather every piece of meat there is and try to get to the cave.