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DinoZ City

DinoZ City game background

With the strong development of science. Humans have studied and created dinosaurs. Although dinosaurs are known to all as one of the scariest animals in the world. But today they have been revived thanks to scientific studies. However, a big problem happened. It was the dinosaur that rebelled and escaped from the lab to attack everyone.

Your duties

In front of the mighty dinosaur, stand up and protect your city. Use the equipped weapon that is the gun. In DinoZ City game, you must also safeguard government representatives and academics in a separate hostage situation. Be warned there are various traps along the road left by the dinosaurs. Protect yourself from those deadly traps and go to the final round of this dinosaur hunting game to kill their boss.

To do this, Player 1 will use the arrow keys to move, the keys w, a, s, d, F to hit, H to throw grenades, and Q to switch weapons, while Player 2 will use the arrow keys to move, the keys L to discharge his weapon, the keys J for grenade, and the keys U to switch weapons.