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Drift 3

Basic Information

Welcome to Drift 3, a multiplayer car-driving game. In this game, you can compete with other players to run as far as possible. The winner is the one who survives the longest. Like Snake Game, it is for multiplayer.

This game is more competitive than Rocket Punch Online and Deadshot.io because 7 other players are competing with you. It is a big challenge to beat your opponent.

Drift 3 Unblocked

This multiplayer game is not blocked.

In this game, you will start at the same time as the other players. Your car will move automatically. Your task is to press and hold the mouse to change the direction of your vehicle. While moving, avoid falling into space. If you fall, the game will be over. However, it is not easy because the platforms have so many different sizes. It would be best if you used your quick reflexes to overcome these challenges.

Note that you can unlock many different skins for your car. Use your favorite skin and start this driving game!