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Flappy Bird Classic

About Flappy Bird Classic

Flappy Bird Classic is an addictive and fun online clicker game. Your task is to navigate your little bird through different low-altitude green flutes.

Are you prepared to play the entertaining Flappy Bird Classic game? In the popular game Flappy Bird Classic, you direct the bird's upward motion to guide it through the pipes. The video game Flappy Bird Classic has not broken many records. How far can you get? Try to compete with your highest score! Play the Flappy Bird Classic game right away to see how challenging it is!

In the Flappy Bird Classic game, the objective is to score as many points as you can to avoid pipes. Your score increases as you pass more points. The game is over if you trip over or bump into a pipe! You play games like this over and over again. You will receive your most current and top score at the conclusion of each playing session. To find out if your score qualifies for placement and the top spot, click the leaderboard! As you move up the leaderboard and surpass all of your friends, play again to beat your score! Enjoy hours of addictive pleasure by playing this classic clicker game on your phone or PC!