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Friday Night Funkin’

About Friday Night Funkin’

Boyfriend fell in love with Girlfriend. However, the Boyfriend needs to win her and her dad's hearts. The only way to do this is to use your musical abilities to beat your opponents.

This game is not a multiplayer game like Smash Karts. It is a game for single players. This game also doesn't have shooting matches like FNaF Shooter where you have to shoot down dangerous animatronics. However, this game is extremely attractive thanks to the music gameplay. Let's start this game now and enjoy it!

How to control

You just need to use the arrow keys to follow the musical notes displayed on the screen. There are many different music tracks. The musical notes will appear faster and faster. It is faster than Snake Game. Therefore, you need to practice this arcade game many times before mastering it because of the fast-paced gameplay.