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Helix Jumping

About Helix Jumping

Do you know a 3D ball game called Helix Jumping? An exciting, bouncing journey in a spiral maze is waiting for you. Start and conquer the challenge now!

Online Helix Jump is a well-known arcade game. Till the ball touches the ground, move the cylinder maze. Smash the spiral maze on each level to reach the bottom safely. Make sure the ball doesn't land in the dead spot by avoiding all the barriers. In this game, you lose when your ball lands on a different color. It's crucial to have control over your perception and reflexes. You must turn the platforms such that the ball is in line with the cracks to direct it to bounce. To advance the combo and increase your score, complete these steps quickly.

Rules for the game Simple to use, Helix Jump Online allows you to simply take in the exhilaration of a falling ball. Click the breakpoints on the platform to break the following point. To unlock new skins in this entertaining online game, collect coins while you try to earn a high score. If you fail, your score will drop to, so make an effort to succeed. With the points accumulated, you can unlock new skins for your levels and balls.