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Introducing the online game Hexxagon

Play this board game. There are 58 hexagonal fields on the table, and each player or machine is given three of them at the beginning. One or two fields can be moved in any direction. The one you filled out won't be affected if you move it. You'll get a new one instead. You will only receive the second tile and lose the first if you hop two spaces. You will own any fields that are close to the one you just looked at. The player who has the most tiles at the end of the game, or the player who is alone and has all 58 tiles, is declared the winner.

Your goal in Hexxagon game

The objective is to use as much of your color on the board as you can. This is accomplished by moving, jumping, and rearranging the jigsaw pieces of the adversary. When the game is over, you are awarded 1 point for each piece you successfully secured. Your new score will be shown if it is higher than your previous best for the level. No matter how big the board is, if you own every piece on it before the end of the game, you receive 100 points (200 for monster level).