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Imposter Battle Royale

Join a gunfight with multiple opponents

Are you ready to join the fierce gunfight in Imposter Battle Royale game? Can you overcome all the challenges here? You have a lot of opponents. Everyone wants to be the winner of this war. You will be met with a torrential attack from any opponent if he sees you. When the game screen is about to start, you will see a list of gunmen participating in this game. That is also the total number of enemies you need to shoot down to win. Although it is a fierce battle, the graphics of this game are extremely cute. This makes gun battles more interesting and fun.

How to become the winning shooter in Imposter Battle Royale game

You must fight fiercely on the most bizarre battlefield if you want to prevail in this conflict. You must beat numerous foes in this bloody conflict. Use the W, A, S, and D keys to move, the mouse to aim and shoot, and the E key to interact. To begin with, only Survival mode is available, and its basic principle is to eliminate other clones on the spaceship until you are the only one remaining. Because you are a skilled shooter, be assured. As he approaches, someone moves quickly. In this game, the spaceship's map, which is rapidly getting smaller, has imposters on it.